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Consulting Services

When a solid understanding of system performance is key to your project's success, InfoSizing delivers proven solutions.

System performance information can be obtained from multiple sources. But nothing replaces the knowledge gathered from the execution of an actual performance benchmark.

For over 20 years, InfoSizing has delivered consulting solutions in the areas of benchark design, performance analysis, audits and independent certification. Our involvement is strongest in:

  • Procurement Benchmarks
  • Technology Showcase Benchmarks
  • Vendor Supported Benchmarks

Our clients range from fortune 500 companies to enterprise system vendors and IT technology inovators.

Our combined experience in the areas of performance benchmark design and analysis is unparalleled in the industry.

We create benchmark solutions!

Standard Benchmarks

InfoSizing played key leadership roles in the development of some of the most successful and enduring industry standard benchmarks:

As Professional Affiliates of the TPC, we continue to be actively involved in the evolution of current benchmarks and the definition of new industry standards.

As TPC Certified Auditors, accredited for all active benchmarks, we are performing independent audits for most publishing test sponsors.

Auditing new implementations of TPC Benchmarks is one of our strengths. We bring the expertise and skills you need to produce your first TPC Benchmark result.

And it doesn't stop there. Our services will continue to be invaluable as you move forward with evolving technologies and environments.

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