Performance Benchmarks & Audits

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How We Started

InfoSizing was created at a time when benchmark standards were in their infancy. New benchmarks were being drafted by industry consortiums and there was a need for an independent party to help in the design and verification of these benchmarks.

InfoSizing was involved with the TPC in the early days of its establishment and later spearheaded the creation of the SPC.

What We Do

InfoSizing provides consulting services in two main areas:

  • Industry Standard Benchmarks from the TPC and the SPC
  • Custom Benchmarks for technology assessment and showcase

In both cases, InfoSizing applies its expertise to the task of accurately assessing the performance of the tested system configuration.

In the case of industry standard benchmarks, our services consist of providing an independent audit of the results obtained by a vendor during the execution of a standard performance benchmark from the TPC or SPC.

In the case of custom benchmarks, our services consist of defining and executing a performance benchmark for the purpose of assessing a given technology. This approach is most effective when applied by information technology users involved in the procurement of a strategic new technology solution; or by technology vendors for the purpose of showcasing the competitive advantage of their offering.

Who Are Our Customers

InfoSizing delivers benchmark auditing services to most leading information system vendors. Large information technology users call on InfoSizing to tailor performance benchmarks to their specific technology assessment needs and to independently verify the published results

InfoSizing actively contributes to the design, standardization and evolution of standard benchmarks from the TPC and the SPC.

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