Performance Benchmarks & Audits

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Custom Designs

Custom benchmarking is the premier tool for gathering accurate performance information on strategic system configurations.

We provides consulting services to organizations looking to design custom benchmarks, manage benchmarking projects and have the results of custom benchmarks audited.

Navigating the right path through all the design decisions when developing your own custom benchmark can be daunting.

Leverage our design expertise to help guide you to success.

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Project Management

Our consulting experts have proven leadership in the field of information systems performance benchmarks.

When vendors take control of your benchmark you loose. Their interest is to design a test that shows their solutions in the best possible light.

Our participation in your custom evaluation project will put a benchmark expert on your side. We work for you, not the vendors.

We create apples-to-apples solutions!

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Custom Audits

The independent audit of benchmarks has proven to be key to the credibility and fairness of SPC and TPC results. This is a standard that should be applied to any strategic benchmark project.

Defining the right benchmark is important. But the actual testing is where crucial details are overlooked and results get skewed.

When vendors argue against using an independent auditor ask yourself why...

Externally verified results drive technology choices you can stand by.

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